NYC Photo Stroll - Online Basics

Outside of our in-person events, we have online infrastructure to help the group coordinate, plan, work on projects together, and discuss photography more broadly. Here are all the basics you’ll need to know as a Photo Stroll member.

Group chat

We maintain a WhatsApp group chat to keep the community looped in on everything. Anyone may join that has shown up in-person to one of our photowalks. This includes two channels:

  • General discussion, where everyone can post and chat freely
  • Announcements, where only group organizers can post about important information

Social media

We use Instagram, @nycphotostroll to connect with people in and outside the group.

If you’re on Instagram, follow this account to hear about our events and see what the community is working on. Tag @nycphotostroll in your posts and stories, and we’ll boost them to our followers, as long as they involve the group and our events (we don’t currently share other content).


We have another public hub for the group at Please feel free to share this with anyone who’s interested in joining us, and link to this site if you’re mentioning us on the web.

The site has all the latest info on the group, including details on our next walk, as well as our shop where anyone can buy our zine. It also hosts our internal tools, like this forum (, and our zine submission form (shared in the group chat).


We announce our walks on several channels:


This members-only forum is our space for more long-lived conversations and documentation. In time, it will become a knowledge base that we can all use to find information that would otherwise get buried in the group chat. See the intro post for more info: Welcome to the NYC Photo Stroll forum!

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