One Year Strollin' Picnic

We’ve discussed celebrating a year of NYC Photo Stroll with a picnic around the time of our first walk (July 17, 2022). Let’s coordinate here.

I think it’d be nice to do this on a different day from our normal walks, so more people can make it. How do we feel about doing it on Saturday, July 15?

At our meeting tonight, we decided on having it in Central Park (@purna.venugopalan will find an exact location). We’ll supply some food and drinks, though community members may have to chip in for this.

To help with costs and as part of the celebration, we’ll have merch available (photo stroll hats). We’ll start taking pre-orders for that soon.

What time should we start? Around 1 or 2pm?

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Please find somewhere close to WC’s
2 pm start will give us more time to pack snacks.

Saturday, July 15th is a solid date. I’m thinking we announce it soon - I can also volunteer to make a poster for this one once we get a location down.

Possible locations suggested so far:

  • Sheep Meadow, Central Park

Looks like we might see some rain this weekend… What should our back up plan be?

Postpone it to the following Saturday?