Photostroll New Pitch - Famous Photographers Walk

I’m open to suggestions for a walk title. I don’t particularly like using the word “famous” to describe the artists (influential, notable, something along these lines). During this walk, we will stop in front of a photographer’s former residence and read a small blurb about who lived there, what they were known for, and why their work is significant. To make the walk more inclusive, we could ask if any group members would be willing to speak about one of these photographers. They can do the research for the photographer if they would like or I can do write ups. I have an extra copy of The Unseen Saul Leiter that we can raffle off that day.

Google Earth Path:

  1. Elizabeth Street Garden (can either serve as the meeting spot or ending spot–I’m leaning on ending spot)
  1. Jay Maisel
  • “The Bank”
  • 190 Bowery, New York, NY 10012
  • Google Maps
  1. Robert Frank
  1. Robert Mapplethorpe
  1. Saul Leiter
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This sounds like a good plan. When would you be interested in hosting this walk? We’re booked for the month of July, but you can volunteer to host it starting next month.

Let’s say August 6th tentatively. I’ll need to double check a few things with my schedule.

It looks like August 6th should work on my end if the rest of the project coalesses before then. I think we can make it can work.

Here’s a link to a Google doc that has placeholders for each photographer. May claimed Robert Mapplethorpe. I have a first draft for Jay Maisel and started drafting something for Saul Leiter. I’ll lay claim to Jay and take on any others that are left unclaimed.


Sounds good, we can have this on August 6th as the 25th photowalk.