Studio Session N°1: Wyckoff Windows

Let’s use this thread to talk about our first studio session on 2/19 at Wyckoff Windows.

Things we need to hash out:

Gear: a few of us are bringing items, but we need to review this before deciding what to rent.

Models: we have a sign up sheet disbursed to the group chat. Let’s review the responses within the next 2 weeks.

Signage: NYC Photo Stroll branded signage will help when photographers arrive on site.

Anything else we should talk about?


Here’s the list of responses we’ve received from interested models:


Here’s the list of gear that we have so far:

Is there anything we want to ask people to bring? And what will we need to rent?

I think we’re set on lighting, especially since there will be ample natural light anyways.

Would we want to have a section to set up a backdrop? If so, we can ask people if they can bring seamless paper, some clips and stands. Otherwise, these items can be rented from the studio.

In terms of rental gear, here are our options:

Are we sharing the light setup? Like multiple cameras with one set of lights? How does that work?

I want to take casual Black & White portraits of everybody in the studio. I am taking a tripod, and an Impact 5-1 collapsible reflector (not sure how I would take pictures and hold the reflector, lol) and I would like a simple wall backdrop. Is that possible?

Because of my old camera, Pentax A3000, I am wary of lights between 3 pm-6pm.

Remember my mid-journey prompt? This is the design brief I gave myself
black and white photo portraits, one or two subjects, simple background, whole body, exciting poses, studio lighting, indoor

I have stands, etc. I just don’t have any paper left. It’s been a while since I’ve used any of it. I could bring the stands.

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Great, thanks Mihnea! We’ll look into renting some paper from the studio as they have a large variety of them.

FYI: going to host a call this Thursday at 7:30PM to talk about logistics for the studio session. Will post the agenda here beforehand.

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