Uptown walk

Hi Everyone, I have been thinking of doing an uptown walk since I moved up there, but the area is big, so I think we can actually do two walks:

  1. One in Washington Heights, potentially from 168th street (to check out there is the Audubon Ballroom Building where Malcom X was assassinated) then we can walk towards uptown on Broadway, there is the United Palace of Spiritual Arts to check out, and then go see the Washington Bridge view, finally we can have a drink on 181

  2. One can be more Inwood focus, there is Fort Tyron Park up on a hill, with a beautiful view, then we can go to the Met Cloysters, walk in the park, and then step out of the park to walk towards Dyckman Street, which is an all different vibes, very Dominican, bunch of places to eat. So one walk and two very different vibes. But I would say let’s do this one when the weather becomes a bit nicer, since the parks are pretty grey, cold and sad right now.

Happy to start scheduling the first one.



Feb Week 4 is open right now

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Yeah, I think two walks would be the way to go. Maybe we do them in this order?

I think our weekends in February are all taken up, right? Feb 5th is Park Slope and the 19th is the studio session. So maybe for March 5th?

We also mentioned collaborating with the Uptown Photowalk group. Maybe we could invite them to join us for one of these?

Yep I can do March 5th! [And I just found the feature to not respond to matt directly lolilol]

Can I tagg Feazan somewhere to see if he is available too?

In my head, the 2 walks a month is the standing program, and the studio session is in the “alt program” slot.

But all good if the studio session in place of the second walk of Feb.

I will update the program google sheet while we decide what program calendar format to use later.

I started to map out a route on Google Maps: Google Maps
I think I still to do a bit of research though.

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